Rich Sandstrom

rich-sandstromTerritory Manager covering Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii

Phone: 253.678.4014

Richard (Rich) Sandstrom resides in the suburban town of Lakewood, Washington. He has lived and worked in the northwest for almost 40 years where he raised 3 fantastic sons that he is very proud of.

Rich has been fortunate to enjoy the out of doors in the northwest from a very early age when his father, at every opportunity, would take him and his 3 brothers hunting for ducks, pheasants, deer and elk. He also took them saltwater and freshwater fishing for salmon, steelhead and every fresh water specie available. He began his fishing and hunting adventures in Eastern Washington and since then, to every corner of Washington state. His desire to spend more time hunting and fishing has taken him all over the Western US and Canada. Rich is also an experienced fly fisherman, backpacker and climber, having made it to the summit of Washington’s Mt Rainier on two different occasions.