Matt Willette

Law Enforcement Business Development

Phone: 775-781-8078

Matt grew up in a family dedicated to serve, where both his father and brother served in the military and law enforcement. Matt is a US Army Airborne veteran who served in a variety of assignments in Special Operations, Airborne Infantry, Counter drug, and Narcoterrorism. After the Army, Matt began his law enforcement career in Las Vegas where the majority of time was spent on a full time SWAT team. He then moved to a Northern Nevada sheriff’s department continuing his career in SWAT, Patrol and Detectives. Matt left law enforcement to run a contracting company providing weapons, training and equipment to law enforcement and military personnel worldwide. He worked with several major defense market companies within the industry over that last ten years. Matt is an Advanced Level EMT, Tactical Combat Casualty Care Instructor, Tactical Life-Saver Instructor and currently teaches Tactical Medicine for several entities primarily to Law Enforcement. Matt holds numerous Instructor certifications to include Master Handgun Instructor, Master Rifle Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, Specialized and Forced Entry Breaching Instructor, Live Fire Shoot House Instructor, Sig Sauer Armorer, and FBI trained Long Range Precision shooter. Matt resides in Northern Nevada when he enjoys motorcycle riding, hunting, fishing and shooting with his wife and three sons.